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Our Equipment and Materials

SLA Printer

FDM printer

Advantages and limitations of the SLA process

(1) SLA allows the production of parts with high dimensional accuracy and intricate detail.
(2) SLA parts have a very high surface finish, making them ideal for visual prototyping.
(3) Special SLA materials can be used, such as clear, flexible and castable resins.

Something need to know:

(1) SLA parts are usually not strong enough for functional prototyping.
(2) Printing with support structures requires sanding to remove traces left by the support.
(This disadvantage is due to the principle of the SLA process and is unavoidable, but our professional engineering staff will provide the optimum print orientation and support structure design to minimise the impact of the support in relation to the product's usage requirements).

Advantages and limitations of the FDM process


(1) Lower price and high availability of the technology, faster lead times for FDM, preferred for grass moulds.
(2) Wide range of material options available, suitable for prototyping and certain non-commercial functional applications. (Ask customer service for details)


Something need to know:

(1) FDM has the lowest dimensional accuracy and resolution compared to other 3D printing technologies, making it unsuitable for parts with intricate detail.
(2) FDM parts have visible layer lines and therefore require post-processing to make the surface smooth.
(3) The layer bonding mechanism makes FDM parts inherently anisotropic and prone to deformation at a later stage.

Printed Material
The resin material has a smooth surface, good expression of detail and good toughness, and is particularly suitable for the testing and expression of professional appearance and structure of jewelry, products, etc.

Special resins such as wax resins are also available.\
Suitable for
jewelry mould turning.

We have a wide range of consumables environmentally friendly PLA, functional consumables TPU etc.

The prices are moderate and the moulding speed is fast. We can meet the needs of different users and different applications.
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