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Please read the following carefully before preparing to print.

It can save your communication time and greatly increase the success rate of printing.

Design specification


Table 1

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HI! In order to ensure that your design can be printed successfully, please follow the steps below: ​

1) Choose materials according to actual usage requirements. ​

2) Check the wall thickness of your design, and be sure to meet the minimum wall thickness requirements. ​

3) If your design is hollow, be sure to design a large enough escape hole. (For SLA printing) ​

4) If there are independent columns in your design, you must meet the minimum wall thickness requirements. ​

5) If there are convex or concave details in your design (such as embossed or concave characters, etc.), you must meet the minimum width and height requirements. ​

6) If there are holes in your design, their inner diameter and depth must meet the minimum hole requirements.

Please refer to Attached Table 1 for the above 2-6 items.

7) If there is a sharp part in your design, the angle of this part needs to meet the minimum requirement of 20 degrees. (For typical sharp surfaces, please refer to Attachment 2: When the wall thickness is thin or the load is large, the model with sharp surfaces is easy to be damaged in the process of removing support, grinding, packaging and transportation. If there is a sharp surface, its angle It needs to be greater than 20 degrees. If you cannot meet this requirement, it is recommended that you increase the angle of the sharp surface, remove the sharp part or replace other materials.) ​

8) If your design contains multiple parts that need to be assembled, be sure to meet the minimum tolerance requirements between the parts.

9) If your design is more complicated, it may be judged as a special-shaped part and quoted according to special specifications.

If your design complies with the above design specifications, it will greatly increase the success rate of printing.


Table 2

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SLA price:
Calculate according to the number of milliliters of consumables used.

White resin 1£/ml 
Transparent resin 1£/ml

Wax resin 2£/ml

20% off for UAL Student and 15% off for other institutions.


FDM price:

Calculate according to the printing time.


15% off 


​Delivery method

1. You can choose to handover in person but do communicate with customer service first. (depending on the situation, it may not be possible to handover in person)

2. Same day delivery is available within London, making it quick and easy to receive your finished print without leaving home. (Prices range from £10-30, depending on location)

3. Outside London, we work closely with Home Express ( originally Feida Express) to provide a professional, safe and fast courier service for you, to ensure that finished prints reached our customers safely and quickly.

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