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In the era of popularization of 3D printing, the convenient and fast characteristics of 3D printing make it the primary choice for designers to make models.
However, Lots of Uni's 3D printing service is inefficient, over occupied. For international student communication is not convenient, and school service timetable is not flexible, which often makes us feel very anxious before the deadline. As a former student of UAL
, we understand your pain. That's why H2CSO aims to help every student who rushes to work before the deadline to efficiently print out your design.

Since its establishment, H2CSO has helped more than 200 design students in almost all London design institution, and complete nearly 800 printing job. Delivery on time rate is 99%. Through 24-hour online customer service, providing accurate and fast technical guidance and transparent prices, it has become a trusted 3D printing service platform for students from various colleges and universities in the London area.

H2CSO 3d printing
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